5 Signs You’re a Functioning Alcoholic


5 Signs You’re a Functioning Alcoholic

Somewhere along the way, we all manage to go amiss in our thinking and in our rationalizations of what we do. This is true even for those who have been drinking quite a bit of alcohol.

A functioning alcoholic is one whose life hasn’t fallen apart – yet. But along the way to alcoholism and alcohol rehab, there are psychological signs that are easily seen if you know what to look for.

Read the life of an alcoholic here and see whether or not you can find the five signs of a functioning alcoholic.

Once you start out on the alcoholic pathway, it’s only one little drink. You may not even like the taste of alcohol, but with support of your friends, you drink it and tell yourself it’s not so bad.

Next, you may be encouraged to drink for fun, such as in a contest. “Well, it’s just a contest,” you may think.  You end up drinking a lot more than ever before – and feel horrible afterwards. But somehow you rationalize the way you feel, most likely with the help of your friends who tell you stories of how bad they have felt in similar situations. “Well, I’m not as bad as they were!” you think to yourself and chuck off the experience.

Before long, you notice your friends are changing. They seem more alive and exciting that your other friends. You’re getting out more with them, having experiences that are bonding you together more. You start counseling each other, especially after someone ends up losing a job, going through a divorce, or getting a DUI. You always take their side of the situation and see anything or anyone opposed to them as the bad one.

You begin noticing that in a lot of ways, a good day depends on that drink. You look for reasons to reward yourself with a drink – and also make sure that you can obtain the high from the alcohol before that important appointment just to be at your best. Of course you don’t let others know what you’re doing.

When people start questioning what you’re doing with alcohol, you guard your position to the point of aggression. You get offended easily by accusations that you need drug treatment and are addicted. Can’t they see you are successful in life? Can’t they see you for the great person you are?

Not drinking makes you almost feel sick. You’re more nervous or irritable when you don’t drink, so you tell yourself your drink is your quick fix. You don’t eat as much as before; in fact, there’s very little in your refrigerator to eat, primarily beer or wine.

You pick up an unusual habit – at events with your friends, you drink the drinks they don’t finish.

You start hearing about friends entering drug rehab or alcohol rehab for treatment but don’t think much of it.

Finally one day you hit bottom. You admit you need addiction treatment and check into an alcohol rehab center for treatment.

Did you find the five plus signs of a functioning alcoholic?  The answer is below.

While functioning at a high level of success in life, you:

  • Defend alcoholic friends
  • Use alcohol as a band-aid for work and personal problems
  • Hide the amount of alcohol you’re drinking
  • Get offended by drug rehab recommendations
  • Drink the drinks of others

Life is short. Find out about the world of drug rehab and drug treatment for alcoholism. Alcohol detox and rehab give you so much more in life than what you’re getting now.