5 Addiction Myths – Debunked

Debunking Addiction Myths

There are so many different addiction myths out there that it’s sometimes easy to lose track of the truth. It’s possible that you’ve even heard some of them in your quest to get more information about substance abuse treatment. Today we’re going to go over what some of those myths are, and we’ll present the truth to you in a way that helps you understand the reality about the addiction you’re struggling with. We know you’ll find it to be helpful, whether you’re seeking out:

  • Heroin rehab
  • Prescription drug rehab
  • Treatment for alcoholism
  • Cocaine treatment
  • Marijuana rehab
  • Crystal meth treatment

Myth #1: You deserve to be punished because of your addiction – Nothing could be further from the truth. No one deserves to be punished because of an addiction. It’s a condition that requires drug treatment or alcohol treatment. Many people become addicted without intending to, and you deserve treatment that addresses your specific needs for recovery.

Myth #2: You chose to be addicted to alcohol or drugs, and you could stop with enough willpower – The reality is that willpower has nothing to do with your ability to stop using drugs and/or alcohol. Most of the time, addiction stems from abuse, which means you overused drugs or alcohol for a period of time and an addiction developed. Once it takes hold, it’s a scientific fact that it’s very difficult for anyone to quit through willpower alone.

Myth #3: People only get addicted to one type of substance, which means they need to attend drug rehab for that specific substance alone – Polysubstance abuse is becoming more and more common, and the reason is because it’s normal for your tolerance level to increase to the point where you need to use another type of drug to give you the high you’re looking for. That’s why it’s important to find a drug rehab and alcohol rehab that addresses all types of addictions so that you can get the type of well-rounded, all-encompassing treatment you need.

Myth #4: Prescription drug addiction can’t be real because those medications are prescribed by a doctor – This myth might be the most common one out there. Prescription drug addiction is, indeed, very real. In fact, many prescription drugs are even more addictive and dangerous than street drugs. If this is the type of addiction you’re struggling with, it probably began because you took too many of your prescription medications, or you took them for too long in an effort to find relief from your symptoms. Prescription drug rehab can address your addiction and help you to break free from it for good.

Myth #5: Drug or alcohol addicts should be “shamed” during drug treatment – This is as far from the truth as it gets. There are treatment centers out there that do take a “shame” based approach with their clients, but doing so often drives those individuals to relapse, for obvious reasons. Research has shown that addiction to drugs and/or alcohol is very similar to diseases such as heart disease, cancer and diabetes. It should be treated like a disease, and the treatment center you choose should offer respectful treatment for your addiction in order to help you be successful in your recovery. Shaming does not produce any type of motivation to work toward recovery in most people, and this is well documented.

If you’re in need of addiction treatment, we can help you find a substance abuse treatment facility that will meet your unique needs. We’re eager to talk with you and answer all of your questions about drug and alcohol rehab and other forms of substance abuse treatment. Please contact us today.