5 Questions to Ask to Find the Best Drug Rehab in Oregon


Drug abuse is on the rise nationally, and the need for drug rehab in Oregon is following right along with the national trends.  With the influx of heroin deaths and the rise in drug use across the nation, it is no wonder that finding the best drug rehab in Oregon has become so important.

If you are looking for ways to make sure you can find the best drug treatment in Oregon, then you’ve made the first step in the recovery process—you’ve admitted you have a drug problem!  Way to go.

The next thing you need to consider on your path to recovery is what drug rehab in Oregon is right for you.  This can be a daunting task if you don’t know what you are looking for.  With so many different options and so many different therapy approaches, it can become overwhelming.

There are five very important factors you should consider when you are searching for the best drug treatment in Oregon.  During your search, be sure to ask the programs you contact these five questions, and you can save yourself the anxiety and the disappointment that goes along with enrolling yourself in a drug rehab in Oregon that is not right for you.

What is the end goal of your program?

The first thing you need to decide when you are searching for drug treatment in Oregon is what you expect to gain from it.  If you are merely looking for a program to get you through detox and back to work, then you don’t want to enroll yourself in a facility that has a reputation for its long term recovery options.

Some programs for drug treatment in Oregon deem success as clients completing a 28-day short-term recovery program, while other programs measure their success on clients remaining sober for over a year.

Determine what it is you are looking for on your quest for drug treatment in Oregon, and be sure it aligns with the program you choose.

What types of certifications and license do you have?

Programs for drug rehab in Oregon can offer many different services that fall under the addiction and mental health licensing requirements.  You need to make sure that the facility you are researching has the proper licensing to provide you with the help you desire.

Licensing makes it possible for formal complaints to be registered against programs for drug treatment in Oregon, so maintaining a state license is no easy task—programs must comply with the law in order to continue to operate.

Researching a drug rehab’s license will assure you that you are not enrolling yourself in a drug rehab that specializes in mental health issues when you need one that focuses on a different facet of addiction.

Do you provide the necessary medical services I may need?

Make sure that the program for drug rehab in Oregon that you choose can meet all of your medical needs.  These needs can range from routine daily meds you may take for a medical condition to programs for drug detox that may be necessary based on your particular addiction.

You do not want to find yourself in a drug rehab in Oregon with a medical need that cannot be met.  It will just lead to you leaving the program, and from there you will have to start your recovery attempt from scratch.  A little legwork at the beginning of the process can save you a big headache later.

Do you have a member on your staff that has dealt with others who suffer from the same addiction as me?

You want to be sure that you are seeking counseling from an experienced person.  Every drug is different.  If they were all the same, drug rehab would be much easier.  The truth is, they are not, and you need to be sure you are seeking help from someone who understands the nuances of your drug of choice.  If not, you increase your odds of relapsing.

While every addiction is different, someone who has a close experience with your drug of choice can provide the necessary empathy that can keep you on the right track.  It’s amazing how far a little understanding can go.

What model of treatment do you follow?

There are many different treatment models, and you need to be sure that you pick a program that follows a model in which you believe.  The most common treatment models that you will see in programs for drug treatment in Oregon are: 12 steps, cognitive behavioral, motivation enhancement.

When you are looking to enroll in one of these programs, you need to make sure that the methods they practice are something that you can see yourself buying into.

If you do not believe in a higher power, and you know that you can never accept the idea of one into your life, you shouldn’t enroll in a program that has it as its principle factor.

Just the same, if you know that you know that rapid change is not conducive to your personality, a MET (motivational enhancement therapy) is probably not up your alley.

Be sure to ask about the recovery approaches and what they encompass.  It will make it easier to accept the help if you understand the foundation on which it is being offered.

I’ve found a drug rehab in Oregon that I think will fit with who I am, now what?

Take the next step and set up an intake appointment.  You will find that many of the programs for drug treatment in Oregon have a staff strictly dedicated to helping you get all of the necessary insurance paperwork together to get you started.

Take advantage of the help they offer to expedite your enrollment.  Getting you in the program and getting you started on the recovery journey is the ultimate goal.