5 Questions You Should Ask When Looking to Find the Best Drug Rehab in Washington State


All too often, we have clients come to us with horror stories about programs for drug rehab in Washington state that they’ve attended and left AMA (against medical advice).  It’s sad for us to have to see this over and over again—especially because this negative association with drug treatment carries over into seeking help elsewhere.  We thought it would be best to offer some advice to clients who are trying to find the best drug treatment in Washington state.  We’ve developed a list of 5 questions you should always ask and find the answers to when you are considering a recovery program.

Do you have a detox facility at your program for drug rehab in Washington state?

One thing you really want to find out is if your particular addiction warrants a stay in detox.  A lot of times, recovery and counseling are not enough to get you clean and sober.

Starting your recovery with detox will increase your chances of sticking with counseling, but without detox, your cravings could become so intense or the withdrawal could become so uncomfortable, that you might leave AMA.

Recovery programs that offer onsite detox will give you the extra level of care that you might need to increase your chances of successfully completing the program by guiding you through the withdrawal with detox.

Does your program for drug rehab in Washington state offer both long and short term recovery programs?

A lot of times, clients are looking for a quick fix to their drug additions, and many programs for drug rehab will claim they have a quick fix for your drug addiction.  The truth of the matter is this; your addiction did not start overnight, and it cannot be cured overnight.

There is no such thing as a quick fix! Period!  And to complicate things, a lot of times it takes more than one try at rehab to conquer addiction.

When searching for the best drug treatment in Washington state, you should make sure that the facility offers both long and short term recovery.  The reason being is when you transition from long term into short term, or if you relapse and need to come back for a short stay, you can use the program to which you’ve grown accustomed and trust.

A facility that offers both has your back in any circumstance—you will form personal relationships with people who understand you and your addictive behaviors, which will increase your level of comfort.

Should you need to return to treatment, all the levels of care are available to you.  If you choose a program that only offers one level, you may have to switch facilities in the event you need drug rehab in Washington state on a different occasion.

What does the program for drug rehab in Washington state consider to be successful results?

Be careful of marketing ploys when you are looking for a drug treatment.  Make sure you specifically ask what they are using to measure their success rates.

Some will claim that success is when a client substitutes heroin for methadone or Suboxone while others will deem success to be the completion of 28-day short term recovery program.

Not all programs dub success as clients willfully and successfully emerging themselves back into society.  Determine your recovery goal, and find a program that measures its success to match your goals.

Does the program for drug rehab in Washington state offer aftercare?

Relapsing after after a stay in recovery does not mean that you are a failure; it means that you still need help.  Keep in mind that relapse is actually common.  Many clients will relapse, so it is important when you are looking for a program for drug treatment in Washington to make sure that it offers aftercare.

Aftercare consists of programs like job placement, outpatient counseling services, and groups.  The purpose of aftercare is to offer clients a place to turn if they feel they are slipping.

Should you slip up, you can reach out to aftercare immediately to help you determine why and move forward.  Without aftercare, your odds of continuing to slip up increase, which could lead to the need for a full blown recovery program again.

After care programs help to increase your chances of immersing yourself back into society.  They offer you a safe place to go to get right back on track, and they won’t pass judgment on you if you do slip up because they see it all the time.

Does the program for drug recovery in Washington state offer family counseling?

Families can be a great asset in your recovery.  They can be there to assist you, they can be your support when things get hard, and they can help you get your life back in order.

Sometimes, without meaning to and with the greatest of intentions, they can also inhibit your recovery.  A program that helps your family learn about how to correctly help you with your recovery can be beneficial to both you and your family.

Family recovery programs offer therapy in group and individual settings for families.  Through therapy, they learn things about codependency that will make your addiction easier for them to understand.  It will also teach them their role in the cycle of addiction so that they can focus their energy on their own behavior.

Family therapy programs are very beneficial to you and your family, and they do a great deal to help you in your recovery.

Where can I find a program for drug rehab in Washington state that meets these requirements?

There are many different placement services that can help you find a program best suited for you.  If you are feel that you are ready to start your search for a program for drug treatment in Washington state, be sure to do your homework, and if you don’t think you can find the right program on your own, reach out for help!