5 Signs That Say You Might Be Suffering from Alcoholism

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Has your drinking begun to affect your life in ways that you wish it didn’t?  Have you begun to question if you may be drinking too much?  Are the thoughts in the back of your head that question your judgment starting to creep to the surface a bit more than usual?  Is this making you uncomfortable?  Do you think you might be an alcoholic?

If you are beginning to wonder if you do, in fact, suffer from alcoholism, odds are you’ve got some serious self reflecting to do.  While there are some great indicators that can help you determine if you need to get yourself into alcohol rehab, a good rule of thumb is this, “If you think you have a problem, odds are, you do.”

Too much help is never a bad thing, so if you think that you may be an alcoholic in need alcohol treatment, reach out to someone for help.  If you need some clear cut, black and white indicators that solidify your self diagnosis as an alcoholic, here are some things to ask yourself.

Has your tolerance for alcohol increased?

You don’t have to drink every night to suffer from alcoholism or to be an alcoholic.  In fact, you can be a binge drinker and still need alcohol rehab.  One of the first questions that you need to ask yourself if you are trying to establish if you need alcohol treatment is really simple.  “Can I drink a lot and not get drunk?”

If you’ve answered “yes” to this questions, odds are you are an alcoholic, and you need to start looking for alcohol treatment.  There’s nothing to say that you have to delve into a long term recovery program, but at least explore the problem with some outpatient counseling before it spirals out of control, and you end up in a detox program.

Do you suffer from alcohol withdrawal symptoms when you stop drinking?

A tell tale sign that you’re an alcoholic suffering from alcoholism is withdrawal.  Alcoholics suffer from withdrawal.  Some of the common withdrawal symptoms associated with alcoholism are:  sweating, nausea, vomiting, anxiety, and tremors.

If your body has a physical dependence on alcohol, then you are struggling with alcoholism, and you need to find alcohol rehab.

If you are an alcoholic, the symptoms are only going to get worse.  If you don’t get alcohol treatment soon, you most likely will begin to suffer physical symptoms from drinking as well.  These include things like weight loss, liver problems, ulcers, and redness of the nose and face.

When your body is offering you these signs of dependency, it is asking you to get it help.  Its telling you that you are an alcoholic.  You should heed its warnings and seek alcohol treatment.

Do you want to quit drinking alcohol, but can’t seem to do it?

A major red flag you might want to think about when trying to determine if you suffer from alcoholism is what happens when you try to quit drinking.  If you’ve repeatedly tried to quit drinking, but can’t seem to successfully do it, you should without a doubt, seek treatment.

Trying to quit, but not being able to do so is the definition of addiction.  It can’t get any simpler than that.  Finding alcohol treatment is the first step you should take when you come to terms with your inability to manage your drinking on your own.

Do you neglect people who matter in order to drink alcohol and then feel guilty about it?

Have you missed one of your children’s events because you were drinking?  Maybe you were not drinking at the time, but even if the after effects of your drinking have caused you to overlook things that are important to your family, you should consider yourself in need of alcohol rehab.

Have you put your employer at risk by drinking on the job?  Even if you are not drinking at work, if how your drinking makes you feel in the mornings causes your job to suffer, then you have a problem.

If you are putting your drinking above your responsibilities to you job and your family, you have a problem with alcoholism, and you need to find a good alcohol rehab to help get you back on the right course.

Do you plan events around the availability of alcohol?

This is a really simple questions, when you are picking a restaurant or a place to go to socialize, is the availability of alcohol a determining factor in that decision?  If so, then you should consider seeking help.  If you cannot go sit down for a meal with friends and family and not have a drink, then you have a problem.

If your weekend plans revolve around your drinking, you are demonstrating clear signs that you are an alcoholic.  Planning your events around your drinking holds everyone else in your family hostage to your addiction.  One way to right the situation is to find a program for alcohol treatment that will teach you how to have fun without alcohol.  It is very possible.

Do you sneak alcohol into places where it is not permitted?

Are you that person at your kid’s little league game avoiding the crowd so you can drink your beer in secret?  That is a big sign that you have a problem.  If you cannot leave your alcohol at home when you are going places that do not allow it, you should probably begin looking for alcohol rehab.

The desire to sneak alcohol with you where you go is a sign that need it to function.  This is a clear indicator of alcoholism, and it’s a good reason to look for alcohol treatment before it becomes an all consuming life problem that you can’t recover from.

You can get help for your alcoholism!

Finding help for your alcoholism is not as hard as you may think it is.  The first and most important factor in committing to alcohol rehab is surrendering to your addiction.  You must first come to terms with the fact that you are an alcoholic.  From there, you can begin to get help you need.