8 Signs that You Need Drug Treatment


If you are looking online to see if you need drug rehab, it’s safe to say that you do!  The internet does not have the answers to your drug problems; you do.  If you need to see clear cut, black and white indicators that it’s time for you to find yourself a program for drug treatment, look no further.  Here are 8 unblemished markers that you have a drug problem.

Keep in mind, reading signs that you may have a problem will do you no good until you admit that you have a drug problem and are in need of drug rehab.  Admitting the need for drug treatment will put you much further ahead in the process of recovery.

Have you seen or felt a decline in your physical and mental health?

Drugs affect your body and your mind.  If you are noticing that your memory is declining, or that you feel sick a lot, it most likely is a result of your drug use.

Drug abuse harms you physically in many ways.  It can cause kidney problems, liver problems, lung problems, and heart problems.  If you are experiencing health issues, you should consult your doctor and begin a program for drug rehab immediately.

Do you exhibit risky behavior when using drugs?

Drugs impair the ability to think rationally.  Often times, drug abusers get the feeling that they are indestructible when they are high.  This can lead them down very dangerous paths.

If you are taking risks when you are high that you normally wouldn’t take if you were not, then it’s time to seek drug rehab.  When you are exhibiting risky behavior, you are not only putting yourself in danger, you are putting others in danger as well.

No one should get physically harmed or even killed as a result of your drug use, and if you are jeopardizing anyone’s safety, including your own, you need to find drug treatment immediately.

Have you been neglecting your responsibilities?

A very clear indicator that your drug use is spiraling out of control, and that it’s time for drug treatment is when you start to neglect your responsibilities.  This can be both family and work responsibilities.

If you are missing work or missing important family events and outings as a result of being high or the after effects of using drugs, you should step back and look at the situation.  Healthy people take their commitments seriously.  If you are not living up to your responsibilities, it’s time to look for drug rehab.

Have you noticed your relationships with friends and family are not in a happy/healthy state?

If you are noticing that the people you are close to are shying away or becoming agitated and frustrated with you, it’s most likely because your drug addiction is beginning to cause them pain and disturbance.

When you know you need drug rehab but don’t want to admit it, you are more likely to lash out at the people you care about most.  It’s natural to feel safe taking your frustrations out on those people who care about you because you are secure in your relationship with them.

You don’t want to push these people away.  If you are noticing that many of your relationships are on the rocks, you need to step back and look at the common factor—you and your drug use.

Do you try to justify your drug use or rationalize how your using is different than other?

If you are telling yourself that your drug use is different, and that you can handle it, then you need to seek drug rehab!  There is no acceptable drug use, and if you are trying to convince yourself that there is, and you are the one that can handle it, then you are in denial.  Denial is a great indicator that you need drug rehab.

Have you tried to stop using drugs, but can’t?

Trying to stop but being unable to is what constitutes addiction.  Addicts do not want to be addicts, they are just afraid of drug treatment, so they try to manage their own addictions.  However, drug rehab is necessary to get clean.  If you have tried to stop—especially on more than one occasion—and haven’t been successful, it’s time to look for drug rehab.

Do you take drugs to relieve withdrawal symptoms?

When you try to stop using, do you suffer from physical symptoms and emotional frustration?  If so, you are dealing with drug withdrawal, and you need to find drug rehab to help you overcome the symptoms.

The more drugs you use, the harder it will be to stop using them.  Your body becomes dependent on them, and that is why you can’t stop.  You need help in the form of professional drug treatment to manage the withdrawal.  You can find this help in drug rehab.

Do you continue to use drugs despite the fact that you know they are harming you?

When you use drugs, do you know that you are hurting your body and still ignore the signs it is giving you?  Ignoring the obvious is a classic sign of drug addiction.  When you know your body can’t handle what you are doing to it, it’s time to find help.  Get yourself into drug rehab or drug treatment.  It will help you feel better and get control of your health.

What do I do if I am showing signs that I need drug rehab?

The first thing you need to do if you feel you have a problem is come to terms with it.  No program for drug treatment or drug rehab will do the work for you.  You first have to admit you have a problem and need drug treatment.

After’ you’ve admitted the problem, you need to begin looking for a drug treatment program that is best suited for your needs.  There are counselors in any drug treatment program that will help you through the process.  The only thing you have to do is take the first step—admit there is a problem that requires drug treatment.