Helpful Resources for Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Jerome

Is Drug and Alcohol Addiction Curable?

Drug and alcohol addiction is a serious affliction that can infiltrate every aspect of your life, from your relationships with your friends and family to your work and social life. Drug and alcohol addiction has led to the death of music greats like Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston, and the social toll it exacts is truly impossible to overestimate. When you have an addiction to drugs or alcohol, you might find your focus has shifted from the things that used to be important to you – like your family and your hobbies – and you might feel you are missing out on life. But as serious and pervasive a disease as drug addiction and alcoholism are, there is hope; with substance abuse treatment, addiction is curable. Without it, addiction to drugs and alcohol can be a death sentence.

The gold standard of addiction treatment options, drug and alcohol rehab facilities provide the most intensive recovery programs. Drug and alcohol rehab isn’t for everyone, though. Your financial situation or time constraints may prevent you from taking advantage of addiction treatment. If drug and alcohol rehab isn’t an option you can choose at this time, consider support groups. Support groups focused on drugs and alcohol problems provide you with a dedicated safe space and – in many cases – a world-wide network of other people just like you, who are working to get and stay sober.

Jerome AA Meetings for Alcohol Rehab

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) was founded in 1935 by 3 friends who were recovering alcoholics themselves. Within four years, between 3 groups, 100 former alcoholics were fully recovered, and AA’s 12-step program – focusing on admitting wrongs, self-inventory, and prayer and meditation – grew in popularity. Today, AA still uses the same 12-step program that has worked for so many decades and hosts a broad range of meeting times sure to easily fit into your busy schedule. To view a complete list of AA meetings for alcohol rehab in Jerome, including dates, times, and addresses, click here and then choose “Jerome” from the “City” dropdown, choose “Open” from the checkboxes, and hit “Submit.”

Some other local Jerome alcohol rehab options to consider include:

Jerome NA Meetings for Drug Rehab

After the founders of AA saw the increasing success AA brought to alcoholics attempting to recover from their alcoholism, they created Narcotics Anonymous (NA) to provide resources and support to anyone suffering from a drug addiction. NA provides support regardless of what substance you’re addicted to using a 12-step program focusing on admitting wrongs, learning how to self-inventory, and utilizing prayer and meditation to help keep you on the road to recovery. NA meetings are held 7 days a week at a variety of times, so you’re sure to find a meeting perfect for you. To see a complete list of NA meetings for drug rehab in Jerome, click here.

You can see other local Jerome drug rehab options here:

Support for Families Dealing with Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Jerome

Your drug or alcohol addiction doesn’t only affect you. Your friends and family members will suffer because of your addiction to drugs or alcohol as well. This is where programs like Al-Anon and Nar-Anon come in. Both groups help friends and family members set healthy boundaries for themselves. Al-Anon and Alateen – their sponsored group geared for teens – focus on bringing the friends and family members of alcoholics the personal healing they need. Nar-Anon and Narateen – their sponsored group geared for teens – focus on bringing the friends and family members personal healing, with no limits on the type of substance the addict in their life may have abused.

Find your local Al-Anon and Alateen support groups for alcohol rehab in Jerome, click here.

Find your closest Nar-Anon and Narateen support groups for drug rehab in Jerome, click here.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Jerome Based on Secular Support

Secular support groups like SMART Recovery can also assist you on your journey toward recovery from alcoholism. SMART Recovery features a 4-point program focusing on addiction treatment recovery through rational thought. With a worldwide community of individuals like you, working to get and stay sober, you will find the resources you need to stay strong on your journey toward health and freedom from your drug or alcohol addiction. SMART Recovery offers both online and in-person meetings; you can find the nearest in-person SMART Recovery meeting for drug or alcohol rehab in Jerome, click here.

SOS Alcohol Rehab in Jerome

The portion of the 12-step program focusing on prayer and meditation can make some people uncomfortable. If you would be more comfortable in a support group focused on recovery from alcoholism through rational thought, consider the Secular Organization for Sobriety (SOS). SOS encourages you toward sobriety using rational thought and provides a variety of in-person and online meetings, perfect for your busy schedule. To see the times and locations for SOS meetings for alcohol rehab in Jerome nearest to you, click here.

Help is Here for Your Drug or Alcohol Addiction

Drug and alcohol addiction causes you pain and suffering. You can lose your entire life to your drug or alcohol addiction if it’s left untreated. It can be scary admitting you have a problem, but you deserve the happy, healthy life you long for. Drug and alcohol addiction can seem overwhelming, but it is curable. Why allow yourself to suffer for one more day when there is help? Support groups focused on drug and alcohol rehab in Jerome will provide you with the help you need so you don’t have to suffer any longer.