Support Groups for Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Moscow

Understanding Drug and Alcohol Addiction

Anyone can become a drug addict or alcoholic, but genetic predisposition, family history, and stress all increase your odds of drinking or drugging to excess. While drug and alcohol addiction may look like a choice, research suggests it is anything but. Drug and alcohol use fundamentally alters how your brain functions, clouding your judgment and slowly nurturing a rabid dependency on mind-altering substances.

By the time you need help for your addiction to drugs or alcohol, you may be so dependent that you can’t quit without suffering severe – and potentially life-threatening – side effects. This might help explain why drug and alcohol addiction lands 2.5 million people in hospital emergency rooms each year. No one wants to endanger his or her life with drugs or alcohol, but the constant draw of drug addiction or alcoholism convinces addicts they can’t be happy without alcohol or drugs.

Inpatient drug and alcohol rehab programs are your best option for combating the pain of addiction to drugs and alcohol, but they’re far from your only choice. Local support groups can fill in gaps after you’ve checked out of drug or alcohol rehab, help you get assistance as you save up money for drug or alcohol rehab, or even serve as standalone addiction treatment options. Indeed, millions of addicts just like you have gotten clean and sober with the assistance of drug and alcohol support groups alone.

Find Local AA Meetings for Alcohol Rehab in Moscow

If you’re interested in a free, readily accessible program developed by alcoholics for alcoholics, Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) just might be a godsend. Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) relies on 12 simple steps to teach you the skills you need to get and stay sober. Meetings are held at a wide variety of locations and times, so it’s easy to find a meeting perfect for your busy schedule. To find a meeting for alcohol rehab in Moscow near you, click here.

Other local Moscow alcohol rehab options include:

Find Local NA Meetings for Drug Rehab in Moscow

Narcotics Anonymous (NA) embraces a philosophical model virtually indistinguishable from AA, but with one important distinction: NA helps recovering drug addicts. Whether it’s an addiction to prescription drugs, marijuana, cocaine, or a host of different substances, NA can help you recover. To find an NA meeting for drug rehab in Moscow near you, click here.

Other local Moscow drug rehab : options to consider include:

Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Moscow for Families

Drug and alcohol addiction touches the lives not just of addicts, but of those who loves someone with a drug or alcohol addiction the most. The people who love you may see their lives thrown into disarray as they endlessly wait for you to get sober or take responsibility for your actions. Alanon and Naranon work to help those who love drug addicts or alcoholics set clear boundaries and live happy lives, even if the addict they love never gets sober. Two sister programs, Alateen and Narateen, work with younger people who love an addict who uses drugs or alcohol.

Find your local Al-Anon and Alateen support groups for alcohol rehab in Moscow, click here.

Find your closest Nar-Anon and Narateen support groups for drug rehab in Moscow, click here.

Secular Support for Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Moscow

Though not explicitly religious or associated with any single religion, 12-step programs do ask participants to place their faith in a “higher power.” Some pray during meetings. If you prefer an exclusively secular organization, you may be happier with a SMART Recovery group. Click here to find a SMART Recovery meeting for drug or alcohol rehab in Moscow near you.

Additional Resources for Alcohol Rehab in Moscow

Alcoholics Anonymous, like NA, relies on vague spiritual references that make some drug and alcohol addicts uncomfortable. Secular Organizations for Sobriety is a secular approach to recovery. Some addicts use it as an alternative to AA, while others pursue addiction treatment via SOS as a complement to their usual AA groups. To find a meeting for alcohol rehab in Moscow near you, click here.

Why Get Help for Drug or Alcohol Rehab in Moscow?

You don’t have to allow drug and alcohol addiction to continue to destroy your life, but it’s up to you to take the first steps toward eliminating this terrible disease. The sooner you seek help, the sooner your life can get back on track. Drug or alcohol addiction isn’t just a health condition, but also a disease that touches all those who love you, as well as virtually every goal you have. You deserve the life you want, not one that is controlled by addiction to drugs and alcohol. Seeking drug or alcohol rehab in Moscow is the first step toward regaining control of a life that has spiraled beyond recognition.