Pocatello Drug and Alcohol Rehab Resources

What is Drug and Alcohol Addiction?

Drug and alcohol addiction is a serious public health crisis. It costs the U.S. economy $500 billion annually, and lands 2.5 million addicts in hospital emergency rooms each and every year. Few people would willingly choose to slowly poison their bodies and minds, but addiction to drugs and alcohol is not a choice. Instead, it’s a disease that slowly overtakes your body, mind, and eventually, your life. Even worse, the consequences of drug and alcohol addiction extend far beyond yourself, potentially endangering those you love the most while contributing to a more dangerous community.

Many addicts are ravaged by guilt and shame, convinced that the addiction to drugs and alcohol is somehow their fault. Popular media presentations of addiction don’t help matters much, and myths suggesting drug cravings never go away can dissuade even the most dedicated addict from seeking assistance. The good news, though, is that drug and alcohol addiction is treatable. Inpatient drug and alcohol rehab remains the single best addiction treatment option, but time and financial constraints may make rehab impossible. If you’d prefer to go it alone, consider pursuing a support group for drug and alcohol abuse instead. These groups have helped millions of people to get sober, and they can help you, too.

AA Meetings for Alcohol Rehab in Pocatello

No one understands the pain of alcohol addiction quite like another addict. Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), founded by a group of three addicts, embraces this claim, offering addicts help and support from people who have been there and lived to tell the tale. By working the program’s 12 steps, you’ll steadily move toward sobriety and a better life. Even better, the program is completely free, with meetings at virtually every time of the day and week. To find a meeting for alcohol rehab in Pocatello near you, click here.

Other local Pocatello drug rehab options include:



NA Meetings for Drug Rehab in Pocatello

Narcotics Anonymous (NA), like AA, offers peer-based support and a dedicated 12-step program. NA focuses on drug addiction, including prescription drugs and marijuana, and is also the sponsor of several spin off programs, including Cocaine Anonymous and Pills Anonymous. To find an NA meeting for drug rehab in Pocatello near you, click here.

Other local Pocatello drug rehab options to consider include:



Al-Anon and Nar-Anon: Family Support for Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Pocatello

Your drug or alcohol addiction isn’t just about you. Your loved ones have almost certainly spent endless days worried about your addiction, concerned for how to get you the help you need, and perhaps suffering from the way your addiction to drugs or alcohol has caused you to treat them. Alanon and Naranon help addicts’ loved ones set clear boundaries and live happier, more fulfilling lives – even if the addict they love chooses to never get sober. Two sister programs, Alateen and Narateen, work with younger people who love someone with an addiction to drugs or alcohol.

Find your local Al-Anon and Alateen support groups for alcohol rehab in Pocatello, click here.

Find your closest Nar-Anon and Narateen support groups for drug rehab in Pocatello, click here.

Secular Support Groups for Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Pocatello

Though not explicitly religious or associated with any single religion, 12-step programs do ask participants to place their faith in a “higher power.” Some pray during meetings. If you prefer an exclusively secular organization, you may be happier with a SMART Recovery group. Click here to find a SMART Recovery meeting for drug or alcohol rehab in Pocatello near you.

Resources for Alcohol Rehab in Pocatello

Alcoholics Anonymous, like NA, relies on vague spiritual references that make some addicts uncomfortable. Secular Organizations for Sobriety is a secular approach to recovery. Some addicts use it as an alternative to AA, while others pursue treatment via SOS as a complement to their usual AA groups. To find a meeting for alcohol rehab in Pocatello near you, click here.

Why Seek Drug or Alcohol Addiction in Pocatello? 

You already know that drug and alcohol addiction is a disease, so don’t listen to the voice in your head telling you that you should die because you once decided to use a substance to which you got hooked. With prompt addiction treatment with support meetings for drug or alcohol rehab in Pocatello, your life can look radically different in just a few months, no matter how bad things seem now. No one can force you to take that first step toward recovery and freedom. But when you do, you may be surprised to see how many people are eager to step in and help you.