Take This Free Addiction Assessment

In a way, addiction treatment facilities and drug rehabs for cocaine, meth, heroin, alcohol and prescription drug abuse are similar to a hospital – you have to have a need to go there, and the need has to be substantial.

A drug or alcohol detox center should be carefully selected because of the cost involved. No one would just select a substance abuse treatment randomly because the facility might specialize in cocaine addiction treatment when the person needs an alcohol rehab. Each facility has its own specialties and you want a perfect match with the drug rehab facility’s specialty and your addiction, as well as cost and some other factors.

With this in mind, take this free addiction assessment test and then start looking around for the perfect drug or alcohol detox center that fits your needs best.

Free Addiction Assessment Test

As you take this simple Yes/No addiction assessment test keep in mind the number of questions you answer “Yes” to. Then compare that number with the scoring section below.

  1. Are the people closest to you in your life suggesting you check into a drug or alcohol detox program or arguing with you about your drug use?
  2. Have you discovered that you don’t want to be around your ‘straight’ friends very often?
  3. Do you notice that there are daily responsibilities you shove to the wayside when you have an opportunity to use drugs or drink alcohol?
  4. Have you been told by a health professional you have a drug addiction problem?
  5. Did you have an injury that resulted in a medical doctor putting you on addictive painkillers?
  6. Did you start out taking the required dosage of painkillers and then ramped up the dosage yourself to deal with the pain?
  7. Has your doctor ever asked you for a urine test to check for drugs?
  8. Have you ever asked anyone else for painkillers?
  9. Do you find that if you stop taking painkillers, the pain is worse within the next 24 hours?
  10. Do you feel that if you only had 1 prescription painkiller pill left and your doctor couldn’t refill the prescription for whatever reason, you would be in dire straits?
  11. When you get up in the morning, is taking a prescription drug painkiller on your absolute must do list for the day?
  12. Have you gained weight since starting prescription drug painkillers?
  13. Have you ever used illegal drugs?
  14. Did your doctor put you on more than one prescription drug painkiller?
  15. Do you feel uncomfortable about taking your prescription drug painkiller medications?
  16. Did your doctor give you a prescription drug medication that is not usually prescribed for pain (called an off-label prescription)?
  17. Do you use any illegal drugs that could get you arrested for taking them?
  18. Have you ever been arrested for drug use?
  19. Do you feel you have to hide your drug use from your boss and work colleagues?
  20. Have you lost weight since you started using illegal drugs?
  21. Have you recently or previously checked in at any cocaine detox, heroin detox, meth detox, or alcohol rehab facilities?
  22. Do you have memory loss?
  23. Have you noticed your brain is not as sharp as it could be?
  24. Do you find that doing simple math calculations takes you a lot longer than before?
  25. Do you find moments during the day where you can’t concentrate as well as you once could?
  26. Do you have hepatitis?
  27. Have your relationships changed since you started abusing drugs?
  28. Do you have erratic hours of when you sleep because you can’t sleep when you take drugs?
  29. Have you ever attended 12-step meetings?
  30. Have you ever gone to an alcohol detox center and been treated?
  31. Would you say that controlling your emotions is very difficult if not impossible at times?
  32. Do people close to you call you moody?

Scoring for the Free Addiction Assessment

Now that you’re finished answering all the questions on this free addiction assessment test, total the number of YES responses you have.

0-11 YES answers:  You don’t need to be treated for addiction at this time. However, by intervening now, you can prevent the very expensive costs incurred at a cocaine detox, meth detox, alcohol rehab, prescription drug detox or heroin detox facility. Do what you can right now to evaluate your choice of friends, your coping patterns, and your diet and exercise patterns, and make changes now. Don’t wait.

12-22 YES answers: Your drug use or alcohol use has reached the point where your personal health, relationships and spirituality has degraded and you need help. By making massive changes now, you can take a lot less time to turn the situation around for good – and pay a lot less money to do it. Start checking out the different inpatient and outpatient drug and alcohol detox centers. Getting professional help can nip the issue before it worsens drastically and you lose everything you love.

23-32 YES answers: Your condition is quite serious. It’s time to get professional help at a heroin detox center, cocaine addiction treatment facility, alcohol rehab for alcoholism, meth detox or prescription drug detox treatment center. Take one to two weeks to get everything you need done and check out different addiction treatment centers to find the best match for your situation. Make a commitment to yourself to get the drug or alcohol addiction taken care of and put it in your past once and for all.

Free Addiction Assessment:  Inpatient or Outpatient Addiction Treatment?

If you have up to 8 YES responses to the questions on the free addiction assessment quiz, then you are most likely going to benefit greatly at an outpatient treatment center. If you have more than 8 YES responses, your best option is an inpatient treatment center for cocaine, meth, heroin, prescription drug detox or alcohol detox.

*** Although this questionnaire was created by an addiction professional, it is not a diagnostic tool. You may want to contact GetRehab for a professional assessment in person or on the phone.