What are the Top 5 Most Dangerous Drugs?

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Your definition of the most dangerous drugs will determine your list of the top 5 most dangerous drugs. In other words, do you want to look at the topic from the perspective of which ones will kill you the fastest?  Some experts determine their list based on how society is harmed by the drug. Others will say that the addictiveness potential of a drug is what potentially makes it the most deadly.

Probably the best way to look at the phrase, the most dangerous drugs, is to consider all these factors.

Do You Agree With These Top 5 Most Dangerous Drugs?

With this in mind, here’s the list of the top 5 most dangerous drugs:

  • Cocaine

More visits to the emergency room are due to problems with cocaine use and abuse. Cocaine can kill you in an instant with a heart attack or maim you with disabilities by causing a stroke. Highly addictive, cocaine abuse and addiction will need a cocaine detox and rehab facility to help you overcome it.

Injecting cocaine is even more dangerous than regular cocaine in that the high it delivers is much stronger. Crack cocaine has a higher rate of potential overdosing and it damages your lungs as well.

  • Heroin

Using heroin makes it very easy to potentially overdose because of the range of purity of heroin on the street. Pure heroin is diluted with other white powders – of which these could be just about anything. Thus, if you buy heroin from one person that is twice as pure as heroin from another, you can suddenly get far too much and have an overdose.

The use of heroin alters your ability to know and do what is right. It also makes you become addicted to it and obsessed about it. You only think about your next fix – and neglect everything else in your life. If you’re addicted to heroin, find a heroin drug detox and rehab facility and go through their program wholeheartedly. With all the counseling, medical detox, and new coping skills learned, you can beat it.

  • Methamphetamine (Crystal Meth)

It may be hard to believe that in the 1950s, doctors gave out crystal meth to patients who wanted to lose weight. The addictiveness of the substance most likely kept them coming back for more.

Crystal meth is worse than methamphetamine and its effects last longer than crack cocaine. You can call it a brain toxin because it upsets the delicate balance of dopamine in the brain – and damages the dopamine receptors in the process. This drug also physically destroys brain tissue – the grey matter. However, people choose it because it gives them super powers in the sex department. They can participate in orgies for days when they’re on meth. Of course, this opens up the door to other problems such as sexually transmitted disorders.

Meth can also give you acne and a lot of open sores on your skin. Meth addicts are also known to neglect the care of their teeth. They can die an early death from stroke, heart attack or just die from an overdose. If you’re addicted to meth, admit it and get to a meth detox or meth rehab to take care of the problem.

  • Alcohol

Alcoholism is considered legal – and you can drink yourself into a frenzy and no one will condemn you officially. But step outside the legal line with disorderly conduct or driving under the influence and you will definitely be prosecuted.

There are plenty of excellent alcohol detox and centers for drug detox in the nation you can choose to overcome any addiction to the top 5 most dangerous drugs. You can become a functional alcoholic, fooling most of your friends, family members and coworkers – although you won’t fool the counselors and health staff at the alcohol detox treatment center.

Just face the facts about what happens when you drink alcohol – you aren’t the person you want to be or the best person you could possibly be – and decide if it’s really worth it.

  • Tobacco

With all the deaths caused from tobacco use due to the nicotine and hundreds of other chemicals inside a cigarette, you would think that it should have been banned decades ago. Political positioning of the cigarette companies and pockets filled with money from them allows the industry to continue keeping you addicted and unhealthy from this dirty habit.

If you are addicted to any of these top five dangerous drugs, do some soul-searching and make a decision. When can you start alcohol detox or rehab or drug detox and rehab? Take a good six months and get your life and your dreams back.