What It Means To Hit Rock Bottom


You can hit rock bottom without ever setting foot in a drug rehab or addiction treatment center. However, it seems that hitting rock bottom is something that is more devastating to those who are troubled with alcoholism or drug abuse.

No doubt, this is because the alcoholism and drug abuse has stripped the body of protective nutrients you need for your very survival – vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients you were supposed to have been getting all along the road of life. These nutrients prevented your brain from crashing to such a low point by equipping you with good moods, wise decisions and clear thinking.

Hitting rock bottom means you hit a point – lost a child or spouse, came close to death, lost your job, or got a DUI – and it seems like there’s nothing else you could lose that would be worse.

You Don’t NEED to Hit Rock Bottom

Often those addicted to drugs or alcohol believe that until they hit rock bottom, they’re managing their addiction quite well. They don’t see their need for the alcohol rehab or drug treatment center is there long before they do hit rock bottom. But this isn’t true at all.

The big question is this:  is hitting rock bottom the only way that will drive you to change? Are you so convinced that your way of living is right and everyone else is wrong? Think of the degree of self denial and self-righteousness that is needed in order for someone to hit rock bottom. Stop rationalizing your own point of view. It hasn’t worked up until now. Do you really expect it to work tomorrow or next week?

Some experts will allow you to wallow in your self-pity at rock bottom, but you need reality thinking. There are many feelings and thoughts that one experiences at the rock bottom point, but every one of them has a solution – and it’s actually an easy one. Let’s look at the list:

The Feeling/Thought and The Solution

You’re a failure.

Go out and accomplish something. Pick yourself up by the bootstraps and get out there and make a difference.

You don’t have a future.

Expand your thinking by reading. Reading allows you to experience other worlds. By experiencing others’ successes, you will be creating a neural pathway in your own brain for a good future.

You are useless.

Of course you are if you’re doing nothing positive. So why not make a commitment to help one person today?

No one can help you.

Really? Who did you reach out to for help? Your inexperienced younger brother or friend in the same boat as you? What qualified people did you ask for help? Every city is full of qualified people who can and want to help you.

I just want to give up.

When was the last time you ate a good meal that made you feel better? It sounds like your neurotransmitters are low – and you haven’t been feeding them what they need. Influence your mood with what you eat. There are many books on this. Try one on the Dopamine Diet to start.

My life isn’t worth anything.

Why not make your life worth something by changing your perspective. Until now you have focused on yourself. There are others in the world who need your help. You have a mission in life and need to find it. This is what gives purpose.

I don’t fit in.

You fit in by being nice to others, by being helpful to others. When was the last time you did something for someone else? Start today; it’s easy.

Everyone is judging me.

Everyone is always judging everyone else. Haven’t you gotten used to this yet? Even Mother Theresa was judged negatively by others.

Every situation works out bad.

There is truth to this if you’re on the wrong road in life. Quickly switch paths by making a commitment to do things right in life. Soul search for one thing to do today that will switch tracks. It’s that easy. Walk through a new door.

Many bad thoughts are weak thoughts.

They need to be replaced with strong thoughts and action.

How long have you surrounded yourself with mental midgets who allow you to operate life out of your feelings instead of your commitments to what you want?

Change starts first in the mind when you hit rock bottom. Don’t let your circumstances define your life and who you are.

You may not have realized it but you have already been building your story that you will use to help others heal from similar situations. You can learn a lot of the other patterns of wrong thinking that have led you to hit rock bottom when you enter drug rehab or alcohol rehab. Addiction treatment directly confronts these negative thinking patterns that are creating a miserable life for you. But you’re the one that has to change them and make the attempt to renew your mind. Drug and alcohol treatment for alcoholism and addiction is the start of a new life.

Make one excellent choice and call the experts today.