Why Choose GetRehab.Info

At GetRehab.Info we can help you find the best fit for detox or drug and alcohol rehab in terms of location, cost and treatment approach.  Finding the right drug rehab isn’t an easy process, but we are here to help you find the best option for you or your family member.

Here’s what you should know about GetRehab:

  • Free, No Obligation Rehab Assistance: By utilizing GetRehab you are under no obligation to enter any treatment center.  When you do go to treatment and it’s one that we recommended, there is still no out of pocket cost. Our assistance is completely free.
  • Free Assessment: Are you wondering if you or your loved one is truly suffering from an addiction and want an expert’s opinion? Do you think you may be dealing a dual-diagnosis or cross-addiction and want to know what type of treatment is best?  We offer a free assessment.  Simply fill out this form and someone will contact you.  Again, there is no obligation or cost to you.
  • Treatment Tailored for You: Not every treatment center is a good fit for every person.  Once we know what your needs and preferences are, we can make rehab recommendations that are tailored for you.  We take into account finances, insurance, location, work, lifestyles and religious preferences.
  • Insurance Verification:  Not all rehabs take insurance or are in network with your insurance company.  We can help you navigate the financial side of going to drug rehab or getting detox.  In fact, you can fill out an insurance form here and we can let you know which treatment centers can work with your plan.  Again, there is absolutely no obligation when you fill out this information.
  • Travel Assistance: Depending on your situation, you may choose to go to treatment near home or find that it’s better to “get out of town” to seek help.  In many cases, we can help you with travel plans and some treatment centers will help with travel cost.

GetRehab experts are available 24/7 to help you find the right rehab, get a free assessment or answer any addition related questions.  Call us at (877) 348-9695 or request a call from us by filling out this form.